Our Story

In 2013 we made a pretty safe bet. We recognized that current technology innovation and cost trends would accelerate and be particularly relevant to a sector that we were uniquely qualified to capture: internet, social and information intelligence.

As leaders within the US intelligence community, we anticipated that the same types of internet and social monitoring techniques in use by the CIA, FBI and NSA could be cloud enabled, machine learning enhanced, and automated - eventually allowing us to apply mature intelligence practices to corporate America.

And that’s what we’ve done - at a scale, price and simplicity that makes it not only powerful from a threat detection standpoint, but equally as compelling when applied to other enterprise applications like human resources, compliance or fraud.

Below are some examples from our existing customers.

    1  Event Disruption
    2  Disgruntled Employee
    3  DISABILITY Fraud
    4  International Travel
    5  Pre-hire Insight

Case Study 1: Event Disruption

A multinational consumer/retail brand planned to hold a company rally supporting a national (US) day recognizing a disenfranchised group of workers that included many company employees. Given the scope of the rally, the company added the event to ThreatMinder proactive monitoring and a series of threats including hate speech were identified.

After analyst evaluation two separate sources of risk were escalated to internal resources for law enforcement support days prior to the event. While the likelihood of a dangerous outcome is difficult to predict, brand executives were able to minimize company exposure and communicated a belief that the civil injunction process initiated against the sources of threat may have acted as a deterrent.

Case Study 2: Disgruntled Employee

A regional commercial property management firm elected to monitor an employee who was in the later stages of a Performance Improvement Plan to retain employment. After the employee was dismissed for poor performance, multiple brand tarnishing instances were detected on social media including veiled threats of repercussion.

A summary was presented to the property management firm’s HR group and in-house counsel was engaged to contact the employee with a final cease and desist warning which was effective. The former employee was monitored for an additional 6 months without further issue.

Case Study 3: Disability Fraud

A Fortune 500 company routinely verifies status when employees have been placed on disability leave for injuries that occurred in the workplace. Since initiating the ThreatMinder program in February of this year, over a dozen cases of “inconsistency” have been identified where employee health claims have been called into question by behavior and activity displayed either directly or tagged on social media.

ThreatMinder has been credited with much greater accuracy and consistency when compared to internal and manual verification efforts.

Case Study 4: International Travel

A US investment bank executive was asked to travel to Mexico City for the closing of a financing requiring a two week stay. ThreatMinder initiated monitoring of Mexico City for US sentiment changes or escalations, identifying politically motivated anti-U.S. sentiment on the rise including threats of violence against U.S. interests.

The report was verified and escalated to the bank’s security personnel and a decision was made to change planned accommodations and accompany the executive with personal protection. The closing was achieved without incident.

Case Study 5: Pre-Hire Insight

A regional bank added a ThreatMinder Sweep analysis for job candidates at Senior Manager level and higher to gain additional insight on applicants under consideration. Since starting the program and replacing a manual HR process, the company has credited the more granular and comprehensive report as a factor in nearly 30% of job offers extended.

“We have individuals an average of 5 hours before making a hiring decision at the mid-manager level. The addition of what we call “social insight” has proven invaluable in our process of determining the right fit for our bank and our culture.”

Intelligence Experts

Collectively, the ThreatMinder intelligence team has over 200 years of federal agency experience from cyber intelligence to counter espionage. The group was selected from influencers in the intelligence community’s evolution from defensive measures to outbound and proactive identification of threats to U.S. interests.

This initiative to include proactive measures was known internally as “Know your Domain” and was implemented across agencies championed by the individuals represented below. ThreatMinder was formed around the principles and best practices of the Know your Domain program with oversight from one of the few teams in the world with deep experience implementing proactive intelligence and threat detection at scale.

The core ThreatMinder Intelligence team:

CIA, Operations

Mr. Sulick is a 28-year CIA operations officer who served as chief of CIA counterintelligence and director of the National Clandestine Service where he was responsible for supervising the agency’s covert collection operations and coordinating the espionage activities of the US intelligence community. Mr. Sulick’s roles have extended beyond the agency to include broad oversight of human intelligence operations in other agencies, including the Defense Intelligence Agency. Mr. Sulick was a resident of the US Embassy in Moscow and the first CIA officer in the newly independent former soviet republics. He is also the author of books on intelligence and espionage including American Spies: Espionage against the United States from the Cold War to the Present.


Mr. Slattery was with the FBI for over 30 years in various roles including Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence (CI) within the FBI’s National Security Branch. Prior to that he served extended assignments within the USIC to include Chief of the Counterespionage Group at the Central Intelligence Agency, a position mandated by presidential directive, where he led espionage deterrence efforts and insider threat mitigation issues at the Agency. Mr. Slattery also served as a director in the Office of the National CI Executive (now the National CI and Security Center - part of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence) with oversight of intelligence community espionage damage assessment programs, among other responsibilities.

FBI, Threat Monitoring

Mr. Favreau is a former special agent in charge (SAC) of the FBI’s Las Vegas division appointed by then-Director Robert S. Mueller III. Prior to that Mr. Favreau served as assistant director of the Dirctorate of Intelligence at FBI Headquarters. A 29-year field and strategic program leader, Mr. Favreau is recognized for his significant contributions to leading and implementing change in the FBI’s intelligence program in a post-9/11 world. As a former analyst, domestic intelligence trainer to private and government entities and chief of staff of the interagency Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive, Mr. Favreau is uniquely qualified to provide strategic and operational insight to the ThreatMinder platform.

FBI, Insider Threats

Retired agent Mike Rochford served in the FBI for 30 years, including 25 years as special agent. Mr. Rochford’s roles included Section Chief of the Espionage Section, as well as Foreign Counter Intelligence (FCI) cases and oversight throughout his career. While assigned as a supervisor at FBI Headquarters and in the field, he oversaw such cases as Aldrich Ames and Earl Pitts, and worked to identity six unknown subjects, government spies the FBI and CIA had been for years trying to uncover. For this effort, Mr. Rochford received the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement from the CIA.

FBI, Asst. Director, FCI

Mr. Szady is a 29-year FBI veteran with 25 years counterespionage and counterintelligence investigative experience. Widely credited with evolving the nation’s counterintelligence efforts into the seamless strategy and process driven concept known as CI-21 (Counterintelligence for the 21st Century), Mr. Szady served as the first national Counterintelligence Executive. Prior to his CI-21 leadership, Mr. Szady served as the Chief of the CIA’s Counterintelligence Center and Counterespionage Group and is a past recipient of the CIA Directorate of Operations Donovan Award and the Agency Seal Medallion. Mr. Szady’s experience broadening the national intelligence vision to include a greater focus on proactive threat identification and technologies has proven invaluable in providing strategic oversight to the platform.

FBI, San Francisco

Mr. Smith entered duty as a Special Agent with the FBI in November of 1970 and over his distinguished career has been involved with Soviet counterintelligence and investigated both domestic and international espionage cases. In addition to duties as Supervisor of the Russian Counterintelligence group, Mr. Smith has worked as Media Representative for the San Francisco Division of the FBI with responsibility for handling all regional FBI matters. Mr. Smith also served for three years in the U.S. Army, including one year in Vietnam as a First Lieutenant and Field Advisor to the South Vietnamese.

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We believe in the democratization of insight and visibility across the enterprise, and that information and transparency will serve to protect companies and their assets as well as improve the selection and productivity of employees.

We’ve seen firsthand the value of correlated data and analysis to anticipate a disruptive event, protect an asset or employee, or avoid the costly mistake of a bad hire. What was initially a passion for providing threat intelligence and detection from outside the enterprise evolved into a platform for use on the inside, across teams and corporate functions.