Providing comprehensive threat intelligence and enterprise insight is hard.

We make it easy.


1 Sign-up and Choose Actions

It only takes a minute to register for a free customized demonstration.

Simply register with your email address and answer a few questions regarding your intelligence search to get started.

2 We Get to Work on Your Behalf

You’ll watch as results are analyzed and calculated in real time.

ThreatMinder scours the deep, dark web, social media and public data to monitor, analyze and notify you of relevant risk and insight proactively.

3 We Treat Data Differently

TMSmartRules™ guide your query.

In addition to threat intelligence, ThreatMinder customers do everything from background checks on actors before film production to monitoring selling sites worldwide to identify counterfeit sales. TMSmartRules optimize each query to focus the platform on each specific use case and avoid inaccuracies.

4 ThreatMinder Adds Human Analysis

Intelligence analysts review escalated data within the platform workflow.

ThreatMinder leverages the latest in data processing, analytics and machine learning to cut through the noise of online chatter to identify and score threats and insights automatically. Threats rated above a certain threshold are then escalated to intelligence specialists for review and confirmation before a confirmed alert is generated.


Comprehensive Monitoring & Analysis of All Available Information Sources

The ThreatMinder platform was architected and optimized for the “edge” or “deep” internet monitoring and can ingest any dataset or available format which serves to future proof the platform, but also makes surface and social monitoring a much easier task. Some examples of data sources monitored:

Social Media

From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, social sites are the most common platform for publicly and privately sharing information that could in aggregate provide important insight. Often reviewed after-the-fact as a threat ‘manifesto,’ people who intend to bring harm to a business or individual will post comments that preview their ill intent.

General Web

News, business and consumer review sites have become increasingly popular platforms for the sharing of information. Most posts are benign in nature, yet asset and valuation threats often occur. From disgruntled employees to spurned customers, monitoring the dynamic nature of changing on-line sentiment is an important consideration in understanding potential threat.

Dark Web

OR, .onion and I2P have quickly become a destination for threats, both real and false. The Dark Web often provides ample ground for sharing and passing along of threats to brands, events, assets and executives. From corporate IP to blackmail, kidnapping, and illicit sales; the Dark Web can be a grave Threat to your Assets.

Blogs and Publishing

Reddit, forums, blogs, Wordpress and other platforms attract millions of users - posting about everything and anything - these users often dig into business related threats, IP, brand value, password sharing and more.