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Everyone Wants Intelligence

Use ThreatMinder for easy insight into whatever your group seeks to better understand. Protect your assets, predict your brand sentiment or prepare for protestors at a corporate event. Rely on TMRadar for always on threat notifications in real time or use TMSweep for a comprehensive snapshot to inform important decisions.

ThreatMinder is designed to leverage over 4,000 of the best available data sources, intelligence processing and simplified reporting to provide 24/7 monitoring of data streams from major social media, on-line platforms, message boards, and other public forums.
ThreatMinder automates the collection and analysis of billions of data points and enables broad visibility and insight into the communications and sentiment for many different types of business assets – from executives and locations, to events, products and employees. The ThreatMinder platform was designed with end-users in mind, providing access to a simplified dashboard of priority content from the internet and dark web, applying machine learning to ingest, normalize and monitor data into a comprehensive real-time view. Identified threats rated above a set threshold are escalated to ThreatMinder analysts for immediate review, and only confirmed and verified threats are pushed to the ThreatMinder dashboard and alerting system for action. By combining scalable data capture and analytics with human filtering and oversight, ThreatMinder efficiently identifies and escalates issues of concern.

Think Outside the SOC

Insight is valuable throughout the enterprise. Save time and money by connecting your internal groups directly into the ThreatMinder dashboard for micro monitoring and organized insight in real time. Share results for a combined view across the organization.

While most threat intelligence platforms can be effective data capture and analytics providers, the end product is typically designed for use by internal threat analysts. In contrast, ThreatMinder’s Intelligence for All™ mission drove platform development from day one to integrate deeper automated threat analysis into the platform and include professional analyst review into the workflow. The result is a product and price that wouldn’t have been possible just 2 years ago, but now provides the most technically advanced real-time monitoring digital risk platform available.

TMSmartRules™ for Smart Business

The ThreatMinder platform takes intelligence to a new level with TMSmartRules™. Save cycles and inaccuracies by leveraging business rules applied to each of your monitoring criteria. Watch in real time as the ThreatMinder platform optimizes data processing and analysis for your specific query. HR and People applications tap into entirely different algorithms than Fraud or Theft with a simple dashboard button selection.

One of the key learnings from US Intelligence Agency monitoring is the application of specialized processes for each query category. ThreatMinder TMSmartRules apply dynamic business policies by use case and correlate a variety of events and data from both streaming feeds and historical data silos. The end result is real-time visibility of information, in context, through the ThreatMinder dashboard or reporting tools that is specifically sourced, processed, filtered and analyzed based on the category being monitored.


The system is designed and optimized for the “edge” or “deep” internet monitoring and in addition to over 4,000 sources can ingest any dataset or format which future proofs the platform, but also makes surface and social monitoring a much easier task. Each “Action” or threat search term follows the same standard process of:

1  Risk Analysis
ThreatMinder was architected to support self-serve use across the enterprise, or a more consultative engagement with ThreatMinder analysts to establish a comprehensive threat review and analysis of a broad range of potential vulnerabilities to your business. Above all, we listen - and while many corporate assets to monitor are self-evident, we typically find that a third party’s inquiry and influence in identifying all potential liabilities helps capture and prioritize a firm’s threat management objectives. We then agree and clearly communicate threat reporting procedures including cases of direct and mutual third party escalation (i.e. law enforcement).
Once potential risks have been identified, the ThreatMinder Platform goes to work, monitoring over 4,000 social, public and media platforms as well as private forums and the dark web for information, activity, and changes in “consensus” around targeted topics. The vast majority of ThreatMinder monitoring is automated, and flows in a logical progression of data gathering, machine learning analysis, and filtering.

Critical to the analysis and integration of large data sets is the ability to rationalize and compare dissimilar raw data sources with unique schema attached to them. While understanding the relationship between schemas is one of the fundamental challenges of AI, the ThreatMinder Platform leverages the most advanced tools available today to understand the interrelations between data sets and verify information sources and assets for analyst evaluation.
Once threats have been identified and confirmed via the ThreatMinder Platform, our team of specialists ingests escalated information by category to perform a thorough evaluation of threat relevance and score viability based on human insight and experience. Any additional inquiry is expedited to confirm and score potential threats based on a pre-determined priority and then passed on to the specific reporting processes chosen.
We communicate with ThreatMinder partners quickly and in clear summary based on their specific criteria. Threats of eminent physical violence or property damage may be referred to in-house legal personnel for civil injunction or, depending on the severity, potentially criminal prosecution. Anonymous threats may be escalated to security teams including law enforcement for collaboration and identity discovery. Information breach or brand liabilities may also require external escalation. All reporting criteria and processes will be clearly defined in the initial Risk Analysis process (Step 1).
Once threats are identified and communicated, we can work with the customer to Proactively Respond. From online responses to threats to helping remove problems, reporting to authorities and much more; Proactive Threat Response allows FAST action thereby limiting risk, liability and other issues.


The majority of ThreatMinder technology investment and IP live in the processing, filtering and verification components of the platform. While we have developed our own proprietary data mining technologies, we also integrate leading external sources. The ThreatMinder deep web data mining algorithm relies on a multi-agent information system (MAS) along with collaborative correlation. The MAS is comprised of several agents and uses parallel distributed processing technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Data sets are then translated and normalized into a format that can be compared across sources and networks to establish data correlation, then business rules are applied to the type of inquiry, resulting in specific weighting of data based on the application or query. In parallel, ThreatMinder verification rates reliability of information and “Claim” intended to filter benign events and confirm threats which are tagged for analyst review. Threats above a certain threshold go through human review for classification and alerting or escalation and research.

Analysis and Presentation

Our Intelligence for All™ approach led us to start with the presentation layer and design backwards into processing and deep-web data capture.

One of the unique features of ThreatMinder’s dashboard and toolset is the ability to see data streams enter the monitoring UI in real time - and threat matches filter through dynamic sentiment, risk % scoring, analyst review and confirmed threat notification.

The result is simplicity of insight not designed to replace the many capable companies providing defensive measures from intrusion, but to complement these measures with proactive and predictive visibility across the broadest possible sets of enterprise use cases.

Intelligence for All ™ vs. Legacy Approaches

  ThreatMinder Cyber Security Threat Intelligence
Human Review in Threat Workflow
Complementary to Threat Intrusion
No Special Training Required for use
Intelligence Agency Analysis Process
Defined Business Rules per Action
Simplified Pricing Across All Use Cases
No Minimum Spend Requirement