While ThreatMinder was designed for deep and dark web data access and analysis based on US Intelligence Agency security requirements, the platform is equally as effective scouring the internet for intelligence and insight that benefits multiple use cases within your organization. By applying dynamic business rules that are specific to query type, ThreatMinder efficiently analyizes data and presents findings in a simple format that is designed to be used by anyone. Organizations like yours use ThreatMinder in categories like:

  • Security
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • General Risk Info

ThreatMinder helps enterprise customers add depth and breadth to their corporate security strategy by simplifying access to data streams and automated analysis. For companies with mature SOC deployments, ThreatMinder is complementary to internal analyst generated reporting, often providing a leading indicator of sentiment change in risk categories that can trigger an internal follow up. Whether used as a primary platform or in combination with existing situational awareness systems, ThreatMinder can help provide the broadest possible threat discovery and evaluation in categories like:

  • Threats to Business Continuity or Facilities:  
    Be aware of sources of disruption or ill intent to facilities or locations.
  • Physical Threats to Personnel:  
    Monitor executive on-line exposure and chatter related to key personnel.
  • Theft of Intellectual Property:  
    Scour the dark web and on-line selling destinations to understand IP exposure and risk.
  • Insider Threats:  
    Gain important insight into on-line, social, and deep web activity of potential insider threats to your business.

ThreatMinder helps HR and People Organizations make informed decisions during the prehire, employment and post employment periods by automating insight to save time, money and improve accuracy. Every day ThreatMinder is used by global enterprises to better understand important people choices and provde an additional objective layer of information in areas like:

  • Event Investigation:  
    Research employee behavior or monitor locations or company assets for specific criteria.
  • Pre-hire Insight:  
    Complement your hiring process with a comprehensive summary of all available public information on an individual.
  • Executive Safety:  
    Ensure executive and strategic personnnel are appropriately represented online and monitor chatter for sentiment or targeting.
  • Brand Awareness:  
    In today’s social and public rating environment, your employees are your brand. Be knowledgeable about how you are represented.

ThreatMinder helps legal departments and law firms automate intelligence and investigative process, saving time and money while increasing the scope of coverage and compliance. Quality intelligence and real-time monitoring make key legal functions like background checks, event research and employee investigations faster and more accurate.

  • Employee and Partner Research:  
    Gain critical insight into important hiring investigations or corporate development initiatives. Leverage industry-specific business rules to inform decisions and investigative reports across the enterprise.
  • Code of Conduct Investigations:  
    Speed investigative findings and improve accuracy by combining public information for a single view. Proactively confirm code of conduct compliance across the organization and be alerted for inconsistencies.
  • Stolen/Lost Property or IP:  
    Monitor deep and dark web for theft investigations, or current and former employee/partner activity. Track sentiment and activity for key stakeholders.
  • Fraud and Counterfeiting:  
    Micro-target chatter on brands and products and be alerted of dark web activity while monitoring on-line sales destinations. Investigate fraudulent employment claims and compare across dozens of data sources.

ThreatMinder can apply new business rules to data evaluation and improve decision-making insight across an entire spectrum of use cases. Financial risk decisions are better informed with more complete customer or partner data, corporate and employee risk can be better understood with context and historic analysis. Some specific use cases include:

  • Event Risk:  
    Understand employee interaction across industry events. Access valuable insight into other attendees and gain objective risk data on items like sharing of strategic plans, IP or possible social engineering against your workforce.
  • Customer/Partner Screening:  
    Assess risk of entering into a new customer or partner relationship. Combine social, criminal, financial and multiple additional third party and in-house data sources to better understand default potential, customer lifetime value, or quality of tenancy.