Standard & Enterprise Pricing

All ThreatMinder services employ the same innovative data access, processing, filtering and verification steps before confirmed threats are escalated for expert analysis and reporting. ThreatMinder platform access is available in the following categories:



$269 /Month per 10 Actions

Near real-time monitoring of all available data sources.

Real-time monitoring and updates represent ThreatMinder’s flagship product with constant action monitoring and updates pushed to the ThreatMinder dashboard in real time as they are made available. 24/7 monitoring features greater analyst interaction as threats identified by the platform are escalated immediately for verification, analysis and alerting. 24/7 includes dynamic access to the ThreatMinder dashboard with livestream visibility into risk rating, sentiment and threat identification.
  • Buckets of 10 Monitoring Actions/Targets
  • 25,000 Posts/Action/Month Included
    $100 for more posts
  • Comprehensive LiveStream 24x7 Analytics
  • Immediate Notifications
  • Control False Positives
  • Web based Dashboard
  •  Downloadable PDF


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Investigative use of the platform represents a comprehensive scan of all available datasets, including ThreatMinder proprietary and select third-party data sources. Investigation orders have a higher level of analyst involvement during and after the intelligence is compiled with the majority including follow up queries at the analyst’s discretion. Reports are delivered with an expert summary of findings along with supporting data and recommendations.
  • Enterprise-level Support
  • Custom Pricing
  • Premium Analyst Support
  • Custom Micro-monitoring
  • Customizable Usage Limits