Intelligence for All™

ThreatMinder is the unique pairing of US Intelligence Agency best practices with next generation technology to proactively detect and respond to threats, risks, and liabilities.

See for yourself the power of automated intelligence that anyone can use.

Intelligence for All™

ThreatMinder decentralizes intelligence and insight, automating proactive monitoring at a cost and simplicity that make it useful throughout the organization.

Intelligence for All™

Micro-Monitor assets based on specific use case and business rules for categories like location threats, employee code of conduct, or risks to brand and reputation.

Designed by Experience

ThreatMinder’s development was informed by mature FBI and CIA intelligence processes to monitor the deep, dark web and social media and provide simplified insight that eliminates wasted time and false positives.

24/7 Threat Radar Anyone Can Use

Until recently, threat intelligence was something designed and used only by security analysts and intelligence professionals. But by automating and simplifying the process, ThreatMinder extends the utility of intelligence from Security to HR to Compliance - giving anyone the advantage of insight.

Silicon Valley Meets the CIA

ThreatMinder leverages the latest in data processing, analytics and machine learning to automate US Intelligence Agency best practices at a scale, cost and simplicity that wasn’t possible just 2 years ago.

Business Rules = Smarter Intelligence

ThreatMinder has created a new category of enterprise intelligence delivering use-case specific operational insight. By decentralizing access to intelligence and applying business rules to monitoring categories, all departments within your organization can benefit.

Outside-in Architecture

Unlike legacy cyber security platforms that started “on-site” as a defensive measure against intrusion, ThreatMinder was architected from day one for the scale and complexity of the deep and dark web. What required teams of analysts and banks of Cray computers for the federal agencies just a short time ago is now possible, affordable and available to all.

24/7 Proactive and Predictive Micro-Monitoring of Your Key Assets  

protect your employees

  • Monitor event or employee targeting
  • Be aware of threats against office or facilities
  • Understand executive’s online liabilities including business travel

protect your locations

  • Understand possible disruptions
  • Know about coordinated protests or planned events
  • Be aware of dangerous online chatter targeting specific locations

protect your brand

  • Proactively monitor brand sentiment online
  • Understand employee and partner brand representation
  • Monitor brand mentions for fraud or counterfeit products

Track Public Perception

  • Understand historical sentiment of brand and products
  • Know when posting perception changes or if brand has been compromised
  • Be aware of meaningful volume changes in postings or social mentions in real time to address issues

protect products and ip

  • Be alerted if corporate IP has been stolen or is being shared publicly
  • Understand internal threats and potential employee-related risks
  • Know if corporate IP or assets are for sale on the internet
  • Monitor competitive and counterfeit products for violation

Discover internal Threats

  • Monitor the social impact of disgruntled former employees
  • View and address possible code of conduct issues with employees
  • Cross reference ex-employees with derogatory or dangerous online chatter