About Us

We Make the Complex Simple.

Our group works diligently to provide the most powerful data analytics and business disruption services ever made. Our combined experience over the past 30 years brings together the best of the CIA and FBI analytics processes with Silicon Valley product expertise.

Our team focuses on making the entire process easy, enabling anyone in your organization to use ThreatMinder. Our powerful risk algorithms are augmented by real people: saving you time by preventing false positives and eliminating raw data streams. We hide the complexity while focusing on customer usability.

The Result?

Hundreds of companies now use ThreatMinder as a required Threat and Risk Analytics provider. From Defense to Finance to Manufacturing to Retail, ThreatMinder is a valuable partner across industries.

These companies use ThreatMinder for:

  • Understanding Supply Chain Risk
  • Limiting Vendor and Client Threats
  • Certifying Merchant Client Business Health/Risk
  • Keeping Locations Safe
  • Evaluating Executive and Event Risk
  • Much Much More…

Join us in our pursuit of safety...

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