Build Your Business

Understanding how Risk can grow your business.

ThreatMinder’s Risk-as-a-Service Solution allows your business to grow by providing real-time analytics into new and existing situations.

By analyzing thousands of data points, we help turn risk from a liability to an asset:

Across Your:

  • Supply Chain
  • Merchant Clients
  • Vendors
  • Clients
  • New Clients

To Know everything about their:

  • Owners/CEO/Executives
  • Business Reputation and Details
  • Compliance

Both Onboarding and Ongoing:

  • Onboarding Deep Dive
  • Ongoing Evaluation

To Mitigate:

  • Financial Risk
  • Regulatory Risk
  • Reputational Risk
  • Liability Risk

Turning Risk into Growth Decisions in 2 Ways:

We provide input into your decision making:

  • Our recommended scoring
  • Easy to Understand results
  • Fast and Ongoing

We tell you who to trust:

  • Your specific Risk Triggers
  • Your custom Risk scoring metrics
  • Our recommendation + your specifics = Crystal clear Risk Scores

Results Partners have seen:

  • Expanded Merchant Revenue
  • Faster Onboarding
  • Higher Revenue per Merchant and Transactions
  • Understanding which Clients to Sell New Services
  • Limited False Rejections During Onboarding
  • Lower Write-Offs and Fraud

Customers We Help:

  • Financial Services
  • Marketplaces
  • Manufacturers
  • Pharma
  • Defense
  • Real-Estate
  • Retail

Use Cases

See how you can grow your business:

Use Case

Revenue from New Merchants

A financial institution needed a better understanding of the health of new companies being onboarded, through both initial and ongoing fraud risk analysis. Our Risk-as-a-Service Solution searched the individual companies for any evidence of selling illegal or controlled items that could lead to fines/regulatory liability for the financial institution. We also analyzed information across the Internet, looking for discrepancies that contradicted known information, as well as poor business practices. In addition, ThreatMinder implemented ongoing analysis of business health so that the financial institution could ensure compliance in the future, rather than just seeing a snapshot at the time of onboarding.

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Use Case

Revenue from Existing Merchants

A ThreatMinder customer found themselves in an unfortunate situation when one of their companies began selling illegal items. Since the partner was not immediately aware of these details, the merchant was at risk of regulatory, financial, and reputational liability. Implementing ThreatMinder’s Risk-as-a-Service Solution allowed the customer to have immediate knowledge of the health of all of their businesses and provided ongoing evaluation to ensure continuous compliance. We also searched across the Internet for reviews and other types of posts that may indicate poor business practices. ThreatMinder was able to pinpoint the businesses that were engaged in fraudulent or illegal activities and prevent them from continuing these bad practices. In addition, we put into place continuous evaluation of these businesses to ensure that all companies complied with all regulatory requirements going forward, preventing the same situation from occurring again.

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Use Case

Management of Write-Offs

A ThreatMinder customer was concerned about financial risk and liability, and wanted to decrease the amount they were allocating to write-offs due to poor business practices from their merchants, clients and vendors. ThreatMinder’s Risk-as-a-Service Solution continuously evaluated these businesses and helped identify instances of businesses selling illegal items, allowing our customer to sever ties with these businesses before they faced financial repercussions.

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Use Case

Limitation of Fraud

A ThreatMinder customer was concerned about their vendors engaging in fraudulent activities. By analyzing data from across open source, corporate, and private sources online, we found that one of their vendor’s owners had been arrested for financial fraud. Uncovering this information gave our customer the opportunity to respond to this situation proactively and limit their liability.

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Use Case

Expanded Business Onboarding

A ThreatMinder partner wanted to expand their customer onboarding and customer base. Not wanting to have manual approval processes, the partner approached ThreatMinder to enhance their automated processing. We implemented our Risk-as-a-Service Solution allowing the partner to Grow their new business lines - while limiting and mitigating their Financial, Regulatory, Reputational and Legal Risk.

The result was a decrease in fraud and write-offs from both new and existing clients by over 31%.

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Use Case


A client has an urgent need to understand which Vendors were higher risk - financially. Implementing our Risk-as-a-Service Solution allowed this client to understand Risk for each Vendor providing services to them. Knowing which Vendors were at higher risk, allowed the client to plan for other vendors before significant issues arised.

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Use Case

Supply Chain

A major international partner had a massive supply chain. This size of the supply chain provided a way for people engaging in nefarious activity to attack the major company. First, state-based shell companies could purchase a company within the supply chain, thus providing intimate and back-door access into the business. The ThreatMinder Risk-as-a-Service Solution allowed for a continuous evaluation of Risk criteria for each supplier in the supply chain.

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